An Interview on Runes, Divination, and Magick



Willow practices nature magick (the Leiva’s system) and Buddhism. He specializes symbolism, runes, geomancy and sigils and is educated in┬áCeltic, mythic, and fey lore.


Eve: So, in your opinion, is runes more like the Tarot or a type of Geomancy?
Willow: Runes and Geomancy both have Tarot associations. Geomancy can be taken to other levels outside of nature where the symbols can be seen everywhere in your life. Geomancy is a system of dots,like I Ching, but instead of divination through coins, it’s used wherever it pops out at you. Runes are also read in the earth so it’s more of like using the whole world as your oracle. If it were family, geomancy and runes would be brothers. Tarot would be like the sister, the only girl – Tarot has so many different depictions within one card that it can be as complicated as a woman. Runes are more simple. Like the X (Gabo) – the relationship rune – it’s like dealing with one chromosome. Runes can be worn as amulets, and since they are purely symbols, can be used in sigil magick as well without altercation. You can stick with the nature theme and carve your own runes in wood, vines, etc. There are specific runes to accompany travelers and ward off harm, etc.
Eve: The blank rune, known as Odin’s rune, it that as debatable as the reversed Tarot card?
Willow: Odin’s rune can be interpreted in many ways but translates to a clean slate, it’s association in the Tarot is the Emperor which points more to Odin than the rune’s meaning so the associations themselves can be vague in their actual meaning. Some people dismiss the blank rune completely like reversed Tarot cards but most people regard it as the unknown, beginning a new cycle, transformation, basically the same associations you would relate to a new moon.
Eve: Originally I thought of runes as the symbolic version of the Tarot and used them in spreads but then began casting out runes instead (drawing them from a pouch and tossing them in front of you), also I found and began working with “magick formula” rune sigils. What do you think are the most common ways runes are used?
Willow: Casting but people who are into runes see them everywhere. –Even on your skin, sometimes. (Pointing to a patch of freckles I have on my right arm, Willow begins connecting dots.) See, you have the rune for protection, when it’s facing you. (A line with three paths is now drawn on my arm, connect the dot with freckles!) Runes are also an alphabet, so you can write spells in Futhark, one of the great magical languages. Hey, you have the warrior rune on your other arm. (Traces an arrow out of another little patch of freckles, this time on my left arm.)
Eve: Ahh, I feel like a warrior now. They’re kind of placed proportionately and equally; I feel like these are my permanent automatic protection circles now. No need to chalk up the floor, anymore.
Willow: Yeah, like Sam and Dean’s demon warding tattoo’s (from the TV series Supernatural.)







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