Meditation for Two

This is a guided meditation in the sense that there are guidelines to be read beforehand as opposed to a free form or mind clearing meditation. If you have a steady meditative practice, warm up however you prefer. If not, I’ve included a brief warm up within the first few steps. This is a simple but deep practice and displays the many diverse paths open to you, your spirituality and your relationships.

The Eyes Have It: A Meditation for Two

  • Promotes intimacy
  • Opens the heart
  • Strengthens relationships

Looking deeply into another person’s eyes can be a wonderful and healing meditative process. Try this with a friend or partner if you feel you’ve been taking them for granted or if you haven’t been as close as you’d like to be.

Both of you should take a few deep breathes to centre and relax. Sit cross legged on cushions or in chairs across from one another with your knees touching and your hands resting in your lap.

Spend five minutes looking into eachother’s eyes. Try not to think, just take in this human being. You may want to giggle at first but understand it is just nervousness and push yourself to get past that. If emotions come up, let them. If you want to cry; do. If you want to smile or laugh, let yourself, but let the feeling come from a deep connection rather than a defense against it. End the meditation with a hug. If you have anything you wouldlike to tell them, share. Its okay to stay silent, too.

Please feel free to share your experience, ideas, realizations or questions!



2 thoughts on “Meditation for Two

    • Thank you, and yes! The power of wordless connection and synchronization is so beautiful and usually key to whether or not an emotional bond of understanding is mutually possible. It sounds like a lovely marriage!


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