Moondialing: On the Move

I’ve decided to switch Moondialing over to Blogger, for now. Its not quite ready yet but the new location is There are multiple reasons for my lack of posting and content which ultimately have attributed to why I’m going with Blogger.

  • Design: Choosing a template on the free WordPress was maddening, as options are limited. I wound up learning more CSS and other website codings than I thought I would, which Blogger allows you to edit for free. Unlike WordPress, Blogger lets you choose your fonts, has free templates made outside of Blogger that can be used and basically allows any customization as long as you know the code (and there are plenty of easy tutorials if you don’t.)
  • SEO: I don’t know where WordPress stands on this but I noticed the Blogger I had half began was getting more hits in a day than this blog has gotten ever. Google is really good at optimizing free blogs hosted fromGogle on it’s search engine.
  • I use GMail, Chrome, my Google+ links to all my social media, etc, so it’s pretty much an all in one community.
  • I work while on the move, myself. On Blogger, you can view the desktop version of the site from the phone while only certain WordPress themes allows you to see the non-mobile version.

WordPress would be alright if I had the money to put into a blog right now but I’m in DIY mode and so with Blogger I must go!