Moondialing, collectively, aligns with the idea of a collective conscious. We can grow, find resonance in and support by sharing our stories, our past, the experiences we’ve learned from and the lessons that have crossed our paths. Human beings naturally seek community and too often are confined by boundries and rules that do not make sense to us. We are born into and taught to follow certain religious traditions or our family or society’s cultural class (sects, denominations, castes, rules). Whether of another generation, world, belief, unable to relate to certain biases on gender or sexuality, we leave and go on with life without a sense of communal support. But we can choose a community that does not force a conformity or suppress a way of being. For the goddess cultures that predated any record of a masculine deity, the group identified as equals not only with each other but all of nature. There was once no such ‘idea’ of a ‘bastard’ child or a woman outcasted for an act of love. Though it was considered in today’s terms a feminine world, women held no more importance than men. Each person was part of the whole; children were sons and daughters of the community, raised by the community, differentiation was not part of the earlier cultures. These ideals is what the Aquarian Age represents. Freedom, a communally shared desire for the nourishment of mind, body and soul as well as a respect for all of life. In every form.

Envision a mirrored ball suspended from a ceiling with fractals of light reflected in every direction. Individually, these beams would appear as if they were separate entities from one another… and yet all are interconnected to a larger, greater source of light.

My intention to create a community collective equipped with an archive of reputable knowledge, resources, tools and methods designed to identify one’s own unique code to re-connect to the divine (not to change any one belief but to introduce various concepts for strengthening and developing spiritual awareness and presence.  Information is to be taken in part, in whole, or not at all. My hope is to provide a center for resources, services, entertainment, and courses that can potentially add to your experience as a spiritual being maneuvering through a human’s world.) There are no rules, no ten, twenty or forty commandments to follow as part of this collective. This is a haven and a refuge for both the novice and the scholar, for anyone seeking to better their life and understanding or to learn, explore, add, share tips, experiences, and views from an unbiased perspective. As a whole, this community comes from an unaffiliated standpoint. We welcome all, under a common agreement that respect for anyone’s view is shown. We will explore ancient, modern and esoteric systems and are supportive to anyone who finds that a specific religion or spiritual standpoint resonates with them as true and aids them in their path to balance and harmony.

Our “guidelines” are simple and can be summed up by the Wiccan Rede which is applicable to magick, spirituality, and life in general. It states: “An ye harm none, do as ye will.” In other words, follow your heart as long as you are not hurting anyone (including yourself.) Why? Because we are all One, connected in ways more deep and complex than the conscious mind can ever truly wrap around. So much so that to harm another is to harm ourselves. Harm can be physical, mental, emotional, and can also include anything that interferes with another’s free will or karma. If you harm someone or something unnecessarily, there will always be consequences. The Law of Return says, “What we send out comes back to us.” Send love, you will be loved. Curse someone and you will be cursed. Some call this the Threefold Law and say what you send out returns to you three times over. Leave judgement and retribution to a higher power. Listen to your intuition; it is your internal moral compass and guide and will rarely (if ever) steer you into doing anything that will cause anyone harm or interference. You can develop your intuition with a few different techniques. Certain people are born with intuition so sharp it is considered a psychic ability, similar to an Empath’s intense empathy. These people are called Intuits. I call my intuition my “lie detector,” the better lesson, a strength and gift redeemed from experiences that did not feel so self empowering at the time they occurred.

My wish is to be at least a particle in the wave of awakenings washing over our planet. For Moondialing to grow into something bigger than myself, but to be a center for guidance, support and kinship. To create an online global community base, first, with eventual group events for those in the area, as I work toward achieving my ultimate goal of a physical home base where nourishing the body, mind, and soul can be attained under one roof (a time saver and motivation for our modern schedules: imagine your yoga classes sharing a building with reiki and massage therapy, lectures, classes, discussion groups, guided meditation, etc.) My focus is on working from the inside out and I am at the point in which I have completed various courses that allow me to help others, I have made tremendous personal advancements from the place I began and have an inherent desire and passion for constant intellectual and spiritual stimulation through studies, classes and practice. For those not so sentimentally driven to spend countless hours at a time pouring over educational texts (some of those hours worthless, some life changing) I will be posting what I refer to as the archive or library, the knowledge that has stood out most during my search, to save others the time and effort by sharing my findings.

My services will also be available. Through the knowledge I impart, you can decide if my classes are for you, but in all that I do, I can ensure my priority is in quality, time tested information, personalized and available council, thorough detail using a variety of media, and will include piles of resources for you to browse at your own convenience.

Moondialing is to be thought of as more like a commune than dictatorship, a project that I invite you to embark upon not behind, but beside me. If something here is resonating within you, a familiar or shared dream or goal, a stirring to be part of the enfolding process, be excited, I am seeking sister/brother communities, bloggers, professionals on various levels, and like minded individuals to become integral to the development of Moondialing and the potential to make all dreams a reality. The initial thought that ultimately led me here was, “if itdoesn’t already exist, create it.” If you have a skill, a service, a like minded community or an idea that would add to Moondialing’s evolution,  please contact me, and together we’ll map out the best route forward. Fill out the form attached to this post or e-mail me at If we want to make our dreams reality, do so in reality. (My quote for the Seven of Cups Tarot card.) As an online community, we will host classes, podcasts (an idea in the works), thoughtful and informative articles, live and recorded lectures, group discussions, and other forms of expression. Involvement is a unique experience and your’s to decide upon.